Tag testing is now complete at Glencoe! If you have questions regarding your child's score(s), please email Lisa Davidson at ldavidso@pps.net. Please include your child's full name and teacher's name. The district will send out information soon.

If you received a 99th percentile score letter from the district TAG office, and you decide you want to apply (remember- it's a lottery) for your child to attend ACCESS for next school year, you will need to fill out the online application. Part of the application process includes a 'statement of need' from a teacher or counselor OR a TEAM MEETING (which could include you and your child's teacher and/or the principal, Ms. Clark.) Your child will need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The district believes that the student's educational interests and needs are best met in an alternative setting

  • The student has met or exceeded all, or majority of, benchmarks or standards for their age

  • The student is not benefiting from a regular educational program

  • The student exhibits, or has the potential to exhibit, substantial underachievement in relationship to their ability

  • The student exhibits erratic attendance, low self-esteem, and/or difficulty with peers

If you choose to have a TEAM MEETING, you will fill out the application online in a virtual meeting. If you choose to do the process without the team meeting, the teacher will be emailing the 'statement of need' to the TAG office and they (the TAG department) will insert it into your application.  Please note:  the deadline is May 12th for your application to be completed. Teachers will need ample time to prepare the statement before the deadline or schedule a team meeting. Please communicate ASAP with your intent to apply and figure out, with the teacher, which option (TEAM MEETING or statement of need) works best with everyone. 

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